Longridge Dairy Ice Cream is only made from local milk and cream at our small dairy in the heart of the Ribble Valley. We produce our ice cream in small batches in an artisan style of heavy, smooth, creamy and dense ice cream. Our ice cream is produced by hand using the best Italian ice cream making machinery.

All our milk comes from one farm just outside Longridge and all our cream comes from a second farm at Balderstone which is the other side of the River Ribble across the valley from Longridge. We buy direct from both farms and pay a more than fair price as we want our producers to have sustainable farms and make a fair living just as in any other walk of life.

It is our belief that we must support our farmers rather than constantly trying to knock them down on the price we pay as is often the way with the large dairy processors. Provenance, trace ability and quality are all hallmarks of our ice cream.